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Environmental Commitment

Environmental issues are becoming increasingly important for everyone. As a responsible producer, our aim is to provide our customers with products that meet their demands while using all raw materials and other resources as efficiently as possible.

Each stage of the production process - from choosing suppliers to quality control, from laboratory testing to development, from production to logistics - is carried out with the highest environmental and social respect and consideration.

Raw Materials

  • Continuously improving the sustainability, dispersibility and bio-degradability performance
  • Reduce packaging size, weight and complexity
  • Reduce process waste
  • Increase plant based materials in formula chemistry

Water Impact

  • Improve downstream water quality
  • Reduce non-process water usage throughout operations
  • Reduce process water – more efficient usage and less embedded water
  • Recycle process water

Energy Use & Transportation

  • Optimize use of energy in all aspects
  • Improve transportation efficiency
  • Identify and implement the use of renewable energy sources for both production and transportation
  • Reduce process complexity


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Environmental Commitment
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