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About EC

Staying ahead of your competition requires ingenuity, strategic thinking and flexibility. EC is a financially strong, high-quality partner maximizing your company’s potential and providing you with innovative manufacturing solutions to achieve optimal results.

We understand what all of our customers around the world are asking for, and we are continuing to provide the following benifits to our esteemed customers: 
     – Effective and efficient pre-sales & after-sales services
     – Consistent quality
     – Customer-oriented specific branding & packaging
     – Flexible lead times/deliveries
     – On-going development on new design (rapid time-to-market)
     – Superior manufacturing technology
     – On time shipping/logistical arrangement
     – Sensitivity/Responsiveness to any changes required by our customer

EC offers products of guaranteed high quality and embraces professionalism, quality and innovation as our mission. All products are rigorously tested to ensure product safety and performance. We are ISO, BRC-CP, Nordic Swan, cGMP & GMPc certified.

EC is a trusted supplier, partner, and friend to our customers. We continue to work hard to earn that trust and put the customer first. Every day, we help our customers to achieve their vision for the future.

The following principles guide our business:

  • Create and deliver leading-edge products at competitive prices to the market on a timely basis.
  • Be the low-cost producer of products for our market without sacrificing quality.
  • Always exceed our customers’ expectations.
  • Develop and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers and customers.

For industrial hardware and parts, please refer to our parent company EC International (Nantong) Co., Ltd.

About EC
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